Dough ahead.. Lick the spoon!

Learn About Dokota

Our Company’s Story

I wanted to combine my love for art and baking! In 2016 when I was 12 years old, I got creative and came up with some ideas for a home school assignment which soon turned into a thriving gourmet confections business. With the help of my mom (JoAnn) and older sister (Olivia), I was able to license my company and go through all the necessary steps of becoming a young entrepreneur.

As DOkota continues to grow, we continue creating trendy, edible products that people are excited about. I’m so blessed with the support shown to us throughout the years!

Family Owned & Operated

I want to continue to return the love to my edible cookie dough fans by providing and inspiring the community with a product that is hand made from natural ingredients sparking creativity, fun, and smiles for people everywhere.